Friday, March 24, 2017

10 Breathtaking Ways to Wear Velvet

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Ultra smooth velvet textures are in this season. Skirts, dresses, pants, leggings and even t-shirts are having a crushed or wet-look velvet situation. The fabric is super IN this Spring. It's a luxurious trend which has continued on from 2016. Scared? Do you feel you can't pull if off? or do you have a love-hate relationship with velvet or trends? Yo want to dip in your toes and avoid serious commitment, but you do want to be posh? Never fret. This soft pink camisole is just the right amount of elegance for you.
But, if you want to be the star, the attention-grabber then a red velvet dress, Velvet co-ord top and flare pants set and pleated midi skirts in silver, green or color blocked will be perfect for you.
And if you want full velvet outfit, but toned down and muted, then a simple apricot velvet t-shirt,  black velvet leggings or a brown pleated dress will be absolutely right.
Are you brave enough for the trend?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pink Eye // Zaful Shades of Pink

Local Shop bought shirt and skirt / c/o Zaful shoes
I'm looking pretty in pink today with this vegetable motif paisley print long shirt
. I was tempted to wear it with a pair of white pants, but I opted for this flare white skirt and oh, the romantic touches this pair of rose petal wrap around heels add to elevate the outfit is divine. The shoes have green accents too in the form of miniature leaves. Speaking of vegetables, I've not been eating enough vegetables lately. Hmmm, can't be skipping my greens. I'm careful to say words that I'd have to eat back. In certain quarters I've been reckless with words. One day, they might come to try to choke me, but the beauty in life is that when our words return to choke us, we learn the effect they had and we try not to grow a vegetable garden with those words. After all, we're humans and we are wont to make mistakes.
Are you doing your squats, minding your words and eating your vegetables ? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Olive Military Vest and Ankara Pants

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Reconciliation, restitution, used to come easy for me, but it seems my brain chemistry decided it's had enough or maybe I've become a coward, fearing a repeat performance should I extend an olive branch. Well, I'm not afraid to wear an olive military-inspired utility vest over this pair of Ankara pants. I wore the mustard yellow lace crop top to brighten the lovely print on the pants that I've worn with mint green here. This was not the pair of flats I had intended on wearing, but I was out the door in a hurry before I realized I had donned my well beaten pair of tan flats. Not to worry though, the outfit turned out ok.  
I'm currently listening to Chimamanda's speech at a Ted Talk and she speaks things I relate with. For the longest time even though I have lived fully in Nigeria, having read tons of foreign books, I learned to think in foreign ways....not too much though because father (bless his soul) made sure to include tons of local literature such as Odenigbo, Toads for Supper to Passport of Mallam Ilia and there was this one about nwanyi gbaara afo onu e.t.c and we went home for masquerade dances and to fetch water in village streams even though we lived fully in the city. 
I'm still listening to her beautiful voice......Hopefully, we'll talk more later.

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