Skinny Girl does Hot Stone Massage

Where do I begin? I walked into the lit room and my view is one of a petite salon. A young girl comes up to me and gingerly inquires my thoughts. I present the coupon from Dealdey (did I ever tell you I’m a grandeur cheapskate, usually the best way to try something new, if you ask me) and I’m shown a waiting seat. At this point I figure it was a good idea to have a mini salon posited in the reception as one could do some prepping while waiting her turn. 
And there, my turn came. Seemed I was the only one at that time on that cool Sunday afternoon, so I go in behind the young woman who wore a white clinical robe/scrub on her regular outfit. I ask if I could take photos and then if I could be given some privacy to change out of my clothes, (it begs the question why are women comfortable being seen in their bikinis, but not in there panties? Lol), and then the massage began.

 She began with a full body massage to loosen up tight muscles.
Don’t fret. It was nothing like The Client List. It was a respectful and proper massage.
When it came time for the basalt lava hot stones, it was everything I imagined it would be…relaxing….soothing….pain-relieving and I mean that physically and emotionally. The black rectangular stones were water-heated  and ran all over my body. I was afraid that ‘hot’ meant scalding, but it wasn’t. The hotness was comfortable, but not at all like a weak hand shake.
When I was covered up with the stones resting along my back, arms and thighs and music playing in the background I really wished I had a bit more flesh to savor the rolling pin massage which came with the deal. But, as the masseuse told me it wouldn’t be appropriate for me I kept imagining if I could make it work. It wasn’t quite pleasant imagining wood hitting my skinny bones, so I took the masseuse’s advice and skipped that part. Oh, the things this skinny girl wants to experience.
The hot stones allow blood vessels to expand and encourage blood flow through out the body. This has a calming effect which helps relieve chronic pain, alleviate symptoms of stress-related illness and promote deeper sleep

There was the sauna, which wasn’t part of the deal and facials too. I’m looking at including one or both of those for a next visit.

Why did I go for a massage?
To de-stress. It was a final de-stress move before work begins again. 
There are different types of massage and different benefits to each type.
Source: Pinterest

What are the benefits of a hot stone massage?
Source: Pinterest

When I got back to the lovely quietness of my abode I pondered Chinese medical practices. It occurred to me that the ‘wonders’ they are known worldwide for simply emanated from a people who have maintained the good aspects of their cultural practices over time. For a minute there I wondered about our own Nigerian culture. I mean our great-grans used charcoal to brush their teeth and today it’s the latest thing. Yet, we despise these things when home-grown (I’m guilty too).
Anyways, If you are interested in knowing the history of hot stone massage here it is.


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What clothes match my spirit? Brightly colored clothes like this orange lace skirt and red shirt combination. Neutrals like this lace buttery shade skirt and top and muted tones like the navy blue long lace shirt I have on today. You know by now I love oversize shirts. Though, this one, like several others I still have in my wardrobe, is made of lace and cut in feminine silhouette. I am especially loving the lace Victorian-esque collar on it.  I love the comfort and versatility of loose tops. They match my spirit when I am having a carefree day. One minute they can be tucked into my bottoms, ready to take on the day's tasks, and next minute they are running wild with the wind. This loose top works for me now and would work for anyone in need of 'non-maternity' maternity wear. It brings to mind the poem I had shared here without context. You see I had written  that piece of poem a long while ago when the air was rife with talks of babies and rings and marriages. I had gotten into the spirit of living vicariously in that moment as I had listened to older cousins gist. 
Shutter Stock Eavesdropper
Did you have a number of older aunties when you were younger? Did you listen in on conversations?
When I had briefly reconnected (started a hi-hello conversation) with someone from that moment in time, the spirit of that moment, along with all those silly chitchats I'd eavesdropped on came back to mind. Much like the spirit of Christmas. Anybody else feel the spirit of Christmas yet? :-D I am a sucker for it. 
Spirit of Christmas
Source: CRCCOnline
Which of the seasons get your spiritual being excited? is it....
Spirit of Hannukah
Source: Sheet Music Plus
 or is it.....
Spirit of Halloween
Source: TvTropes
Source: YourJStory
Aw, babes. You've got to get it lit.

 What clothes would you choose today to match your spirit?
Today, I'm low-key easy breezy casual. You?

Skinny Girl does Lemon Water Detox

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Lemon detox recipes and benefits

Not too recently, I wondered if a lemon detox was good for a skinny girl like me. You’ve heard how it is said that we should drink 8 glasses of water in a day. If you have attempted that health tip (I did for two weeks) you must know that it is not an easy feat. Two factors were discouraging: The constant peeing, plus the fact that I could literally feel the water move in my stomach as I moved.
You’ve also heard the mindset that ‘detox’ is for fuller fleshed women. For a while I partially bought into the mindset, but day after day, month after month and year after year I consume a lot of stuff orally as do fuller fleshed women and so…..
I began to wonder how I could keep a clean and healthy ‘insides’ in a way that is comfortable for my body size and physical activities and yet is simple to maintain. I also began to wonder what lemon detox recipe or colon cleanse recipe would be appropriate for me.
Bear in mind that I am not exactly fastidious about anything, but again and again when news crop up about a demise due to failed health, I try to give my body a helping hand.
For me, my body is a vehicle for my spirit and soul and without it, well, then there’s no dwelling place for the two major aspects of my trinity.
I began taking a slice of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning as an at-home lemon detox routine, only two times (twice) in a week without any intermittent fasting. 
In fact, with an adding to caloric intake.
What are the Benefits I have observed?
1.      The first thing I observed was reduction in acne/pimples appearance on my face. ( I usually have new spurts when I’m stressed)
2.    Improved bowel movement.
I especially like this colon cleanse as accumulated waste and toxins in the colon puts pressure on the liver and kidney and these stresses do show up sometimes as acne on the face.
3.    Improved digestion and lesser bloat.
Bloat is that condition where your stomach is bigger than usual for no reason, because all you know it was flatter yesterday, so what happened? Gas happened due to indigestion. You’ve see the skinny girl, big tummy scenario?

What are the unseen Benefits I hope to garner from it?
1.      Anti-aging: Lemon is known to contain loads of vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system and protects skin from premature aging.
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that women who consumed more vitamin C had stronger, firmer skin, less dryness, and fewer wrinkles.
2.    Support for Normal Kidney and Liver Function
Lemons support both the liver and kidneys. Some studies have found that the citric acid in lemon juice can help discourage kidney stones. [i] One study found lemon juice worked as well as potassium citrate for urinary calcium stones. [ii]
I believe, all things being equal, that prevention is better than cure.

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c/o Zaful shoes | local shop bought skirt and shirt  
 I subtly began talking about how I purged my wardrobe of years of clutter, here, and I have been gradually and consistently sharing how I achieved the cleanse, why I decided to cleanse my wardrobe and what should be done with the cleansed items, which I'll talk more on in subsequent posts.
Today, I’m sharing with you how I decided on what to keep. You’ll find that it will be a bit of a struggle when you begin to cleanse off piles of clothing items, especially when you get to deciding what to keep. I typically do a wardrobe cleanse almost every three years because no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t be buying clothes, something gets added in. I believe this is same for a lot of women.

On a different note, I’m still trying to get rid of the tan lines on my feet. Small secret, I dodge the sun like crazy. Obnoxious Toni in the series Girlfriends, made me laugh every time I watched her sun-evading antics, a few years ago. Growing up, the dreaded tan lines was enough reason for me to avoid spending time on any beach. I declined a number of invites. #neverhaveieverspentrelaxingtimeonabeach

Here are tips to make it a bit easier to decide:
1.      Keep what fits.
Keep what still fits your body type and is still in good condition. I got rid of this pink faux suede pants because they didn’t fit just right even after I had them tailored. I have majority of my clothes tailored in an attempt to get the right fit as ready-to-wear clothes are usually measured to accommodate a wide range of body shapes and sizes. You’ll find that with ready-to-wear items, a waistline for, say, a size 8 dress might sit above, on or below the belly button of different size 8 women because of variations in torso length, bust or hip sizes. It’s all good though. I used to have a number of clothes that I had in mind to alter or get to a tailor for alterations. I’m sure some of you do too right now. Well, with my cleansed wardrobe I plan not to fall into the trap of having a clutter of clothes in need of alterations.
2.    Keep a few items with good memories.
I’ve stored my good memories in photos, but before that I’d keep items that provoked good thoughts and reminded me of a certain time. Items with good memories add personal touches to an individual’s wardrobe. Keep the best one of them.
3.    Keep items that are functional.
Items such as rain-gear, work uniforms etc, should be kept to avoid inevitably re-purchasing them.
4.    Keep items that are true to who you are or who you intend your wardrobe cleanse to help you become.
Lace, it is for me. Since the past year and the year before that I have been steadily and gradually adding lace to my wardrobe. I use the term ‘wardrobe’ to mean the clothing garments that I own. For the actual physical space in which my wardrobe is housed I prefer to use the term ‘closet’.
And then classics, I kept everything black/white or a combination of both colors that still fit good and is of good fabric. I also retained some colorful items in the form of sheath dresses and classic prints like stripes, polka dots and ethnic or tribal accents.
5.     Keep goal reminders.
If you have an item that serves the sole purpose of reminding you of what goal you intend to achieve and why, keep it. Keep it within eye sight and when you achieve that goal, rejoice and then toss it. 

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Young Things in Love

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We young things
So giggly, smiley ‘n enthusiastic
To give our hearts away.
Pleasured and bashfully enthused
When the attention we seek is sought
A break, a pause, an interlude
And bloom we into a she
With no enthusiasm for attention
But demand for respect as love.

-----Inez Anigbogu


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 True, as the author wrote in the chapter, Liberating the Closet, of the book,  A Woman's Guide to a Simpler Life by Andrea Van Steenhouse, PH.D. with Doris A. Fuller, which I began reading here, every woman’s wardrobe is made up of all manner of styles: Leopard print, Wax print, Classic stripe and polka dot print, Peplum styles, Mermaid styles etc, in varied sizes, colors, lengths and functions. Outdoorsy women usually have varied styles of outfit suitable for weddings, shows, parties, concerts, business, work, sports and other aspects of their extroversion.
  Me, my lifestyle has two major categories: work and church. There are a few outings in between those two and then its couch potato time. 
source: Uncyclopedia
The clothing sizes in my wardrobe range from small to large because I like to purchase oversize shirts just because.
I would attend my wardrobe with some trepidation because the years of clutter was overwhelming. I believe every woman who has lived past teenage age has an overwhelming wardrobe. It makes me wonder how celebrities cope with their walk-in closets. Maybe why things like repetition of same outfits by celebrities to glam events happen. Hmmmm. When we are overwhelmed we tend to reach for what is easy. What has been tested and approved.
After I dumped out my wardrobe, which I told you about here, I feel liberated and a lot more organized. Just like the author found another home for her cleansed items I believe mine did too.

The first step to a successful wardrobe cleanse is to answer the questions: why should the items go? Where should the items we have worn only once go? Where should the items that never got its price tag removed go? Where should the lovely but inappropriate gift item go? Where should that sentimental piece we’ve held onto for years finally go? And what should we do with the well-worn pieces?
There are five places I believe they should go
1.      To a Charity
2.    To a Consignment Store
3.    To Loved ones
4.    To a Recycle Company
5.     To your Home Store
Let’s talk more on what each of these places mean in another post shall we? Until then……..

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 When you have picked out a black lace dress that looks good on you based on your body type and purpose of purchase, be it for a wedding, funeral or formal event the next question you might ask the sales person, a friend or more importantly, yourself, would be how to wear it.

source: The Confashionary
  What accessories would complement a black lace dress? Personally, I adore the look of gold on black. Like this gold necklace I’ve chosen. It always comes off regal. Then, what make up would be appropriate for a simple black lace dress? I prefer red lips on a neutral face or soft pink lipstick still on a neutral face. Next, is what shoes to wear? The good thing about a black lace dress is that whether it is for casual day time or for after 5 events, any color of shoes will go. Depending on the overall look you wish to achieve, be it playful, elegant or minimalistic.
 For this look, I aimed for an African infusion so, I finally diyed this pair of chunky block heels from Zaful. They came with gold bands around the ankles which were very easy to remove and replace with fabric pieces of this Ankara material which I wore here in a self-designed ‘úkwù ogodo na-abụọ’ skirt when I was in the elements. Reminds me when marriage came knocking with a bottle of scotch and another, barely in my second year in Uni and I just couldn’t imagine myself decked to the nines in the full ‘wifely’ regalia. Besides, father said “Baby girl was going to marry educated, not business” I digress.

Now, why did I buy this black dress with lace sleeves and lace hem? Just as the author said, as quoted above, in the book which I'm still reading A Woman's Guide to a Simpler Life by Andrea Van Steenhouse, PH.D. with Doris A. Fuller (which I first mentioned I started reading here.) I did buy this dress because I wanted a ‘pick-me-up’. I imagined myself looking good in it. Now that I’ve worn it though, I’ll say the dress looks good on me, not me looking good in it.
Do you look good in your outfit? Or does it look good on you? 
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