Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stripes All The Way

A piece of clothing can become a part of your personality if you wear it often enough.
When my brother looked at my pile of clothes and picked out this stripe top from the heap it occured to me then and there that this was how he recognized me. I may not wear it too often on the blog, but stripes are my go-to when I am home and most times when I am about; for the simple fact that they are versatile and classy. I have them strictly in black and white, but when I thought to blend stripes in this look I wished I had them in other colors besides black. It means I'll be looking to stuck up in fun feminine colors.

Added the bejeweled detachable collar for a playful retro vibe to augment the stripe midi skirt.

Queens skirt / Anne Michelle shoes / unknown brand top, collar and belt


  1. i like the colour of your shoes! cute skirt too


  2. Like the striped tee paired with the collar necklace - great way to dress it up!


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