Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Style Formula: Denim Shirt

"Jeans represent democracy in fashion"-----Giorgio Armani

We all know that a denim shirt is a classic, versatile wardrobe staple that every woman must own. It can be worn in any season, any climate and with whatever is your style. Be it preppy, boho, girly, classic or undefined a denim shirt will work, once you find the right one for the look you're aiming at.

I've had this one for the longest time and it still works great for me whenever I want to make a look casual.
 This week I"m on a mission with FranniePantz to show how I style denim or chambray. Find out how some other bloggers styled theirs.

Patricia skirt / Marian Grey shoes / Limmat shirt


  1. You are absolutely right Inez! I am doing a week of denim/chambray next week and I would love for you to link this post on Friday! I wear my denim/chambray shirts all the time. It is very versatile. Yours fits you so well!

    1. Thanks, Frannie. I'll be sure to link up on friday.

  2. I'm glad you show us your denim top. It's gorgeous and I like how you matched it with the blue heels too.

  3. Love the top and love your outfit !!!!

  4. Denim on denim is such a great combination. Love the shoes.



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