Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yellow and Mint Green

You could do things a certain way for the longest time and then one day it's like you sort of snap and begin to do those things in a way or in ways you never did them; maybe you saw something, read something, visited a place, had an experience or met someone who changed you.
Yellow wasn't a colour I used to like, I used to turn my nose up at it, but one day something snapped in me and I began to embrace yellow in my looks. Now I love it so much I pair it with other colours like mint green.
Have you ever had something change your perception?

Orare top / House of Denim pants / Bean+Ashe shoes


  1. Aw yellow is my favorite color! I love the way you've paired your yellow blouse with the mint pants! Such a cute combo!

  2. Beautiful quote and beautiful writing as always, have you considered a writing job? You are so good at it! As for yellow, I love it, I live for it, it's my favorite color, so I'm super duper happy you decided to wear it, you look amazing in it as well.
    I'm like that for many things, ever since I started blogging I find inspirations in the weirdest places. One example is faux fur, I hated it, but now can't live without it :D


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