Vertical Stripes and Yellow Lace

 I can't say that I am a very good listener because sometimes I drift in and out of conversations. 
And I aw! when I'm supposed to ah! and I give the wrongest replies sometimes, but those times when I can read between the black lines and see the white, those are magical times when I #connect with the speaker. Some speakers make this easy; they make communication flow like the vertical lines on my #skirt. Without interruptions. Nothing cuts in between the lines. #Communication is laced with understanding. 

 Adrienne Vitadini shoes / Emini House bag / self-made skirt / Lisa Wang lace shirt 


  1. I'm the same way--I blame my short attention span! Love this combo of stripes and lace!

  2. Absolutely love your pun on words. Very creative post.

  3. #Communication is laced with understanding...Hmmm, that should be part of every fashionista's vocabulary. :)


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