Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black Dots

I've been wearing #black and #white a lot lately. It has become my most comfortable, no-fail combination of #late and polka dots make it so easy. I pulled these MNG shoes from my shoe rack after several months of it just sitting there only to discover the patent leather has cracked into interwoven lines. I only discovered this when I was about to slip them on at work for the day. Yes, I am that woman who only wears her heels at the venue. The disintegration of these shoes after about six years of mild use got me thinking about how best to care for my shoes and just how much shoes it's wise to have at a time, especially shoes not built to be passed down.  

Opera Richards black shirt / self-made skirt / MNG shoes 


One / Two / Three / Four 


  1. lovely

  2. I've been loving the black and white lately Inez! I am totally guilty of wearing my shoes to death as well.


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