Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Work Style // Woodin and Lace up Flats

There's lots of talk about the demise of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. His death has prompted a lot of reminiscing  and sighs about 'those' days amongst parents. Since, the talks have been on repeat I thought a quote from the legend would be blog appropriate for today especially since I've begun counting the days towards the end of term. We still have several weeks to go, but this teacher is jaded and mornings now I dare the alarm to go off, but as much as I am counting the days I am also making sure that each day counts otherwise I would be slacking in my teacher-ly responsibilities. 
Oh, and I have on my feet what counts for the season. Lace up flats! It's a trend I loved at first peep. 
Wish you a happy work week! 

BC Footwear "Animated" Lace up flats (here) / Woodin dress ( gifted ) / 

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