Work Style // All Black Obsession

 When you listen to Mariah Carey's Obsessed, you might come to fantasize about being somebody's obsession, but if you have been you know it's not as much a wonderful state to be as is portrayed in the media. It really is delusional because suddenly you find your identity and freedom stolen. You have an unincubated twin you can't seem to get rid of. How about when someone is so obsessed with oneself that when you enter their life your existence becomes about them. And when you as much as raise an eyebrow it becomes about them. However you view an obsession it's weird, but every now and again we find something we become obsessed about. Maybe a shoe, a bag, music, food, a piece of clothing, a color? When an obsession has a time frame; a period when you are relieved of its hold over your existence it is gloriously exhilarating to indulge. And this period my obsession is with this Topshop lace up shoe boots. Do you have an obsession? Hope it isn't a human. 

 Stefanel pants / Topshop shoes / Shakawear t-shirt / Jewelry: Fervor Montreal gold chain, Romannel pendant / 


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