Pleated Skirt and Daisy Motif Shirt

Nicole St.Gilles bag / Atmosphere pleated Skirt / local shop bought shirt / random slides
The beauty of open relationships is that when it ends you don't acquire an ex. When I first learned of open relationships it didn't settle well with my old soul, but I became curious and I learned what it was and wasn't. I suppose it's one of those 'still finding yourself' phase that people go through. In the process you're allowed quite a bit of 'weird' situations which help shape the person you become. 
Speaking of old, this Nicole St.Gilles bag is a very old soul I thrifted in my third year in Uni. Yep. I dug it out from the forgotten pile of stuff  recently and thought to put it to use again. It brings back some memories. 
Do you have stuff that bring back memories?  


  1. I just love this bag; what a great find! Yes, I do have a few things that bring back memories; they are mostly bags or accessories I bought on trips. It feels amazing to hold them and relive some great moments from the past:)


  2. I absolutely love this look Inez! I love the color of the skirt and that sweater is fabulous!

  3. I'm obsessed with this look! Casual and chic with the perfect vintage vibe!

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  4. Wow! I love this simple but effective look!! Fab!


  5. Your look is simple and easy.. I love the bag. The third pic is really cool. Love the way you ''boned your face'' there.. Lol.

  6. I love this look - that rust pleated skirt is gorgeous and it looks great with the daisy motif shirt. It also looks amazing with the gold lace shirt from your earlier post!
    Julia x

  7. Darling, you look simple and smart! Yes, it's those pieces that we forget that soon become golden pieces once remembered!

    Funmi x

  8. This outfit so cozy and so gorgeous <3 i love it

  9. You look so cool! I like this skirt and blouse!:)


  10. Gorgeous skirt!


  11. Beautiful look!
    Most of my clothing when worn brings back so many memories of events or fun adventures.


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