Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine // Poetry: I Appreciate You

So it had been that you trod by me
When the ills of life had chafed my spirit
When I would wander forth and seek the woods

You became the chant of the birds
And the soft caress of the fresh air
That talked to me and soothed me

And made me forget the thoughts that broke my peace
You never had a frown for me
Your voice never rebuked me for the hours I stole
From the cares that I loved not

Though I had met the wines like old companions
You saw beauty in my walk
Patient and waiting like the soft breath of spring
Till my nights came and went

And when the shadows of dawn came
You stood in your beauty and strength
Your bosom swollen with a woman’s pride
Your eyes studded with trembling water-drops

That glimmer with an amethystine light
To wean my thoughts of the woes of the past
And prepare me for the radiant future ahead.

--------Inez Anigbogu

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