Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poetry // Come Apace

Come apace
Into the refuge of my pinions
For he is falser than vows made in wine
His kisses are Judas’s own children
Vanish the thoughts of pending doom
His love is no phoenix that you must hunt
Toss away the willow in your bosom
And spray no more willows about your bed

Shed not a tear
For him who has no music in himself
Come, oh, come dear
Accept my simple features
And dwell not on the fringe of my affections
Let not your existence be on the suburbs of my heart
But wear my faithful vows
On the crown of your head

Come, oh, fair princess
Scrub thy fair face
Cast from thee the last edition of his shape
Wash thy veil of tresses
And I would dry them with the torrid blaze of your

-----Inez Anigbogu

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