Poetry // FareWell Beloveth

O thou who’s cherished memory is a part of my heart
Whose eyes of love make glad my dreams
Farewell, for now we part
The road that bears me on my way
Calleth my name

The monsters already raise their heads
Yet your beauteous memory will make
The dreary monsters less monstrous
And wake up the hope that tramples fear

When I shall face the tempests rage
Or approach the road that killed many travelers
Wilt thou not then too think of me
And softly pray that

When all my toils and perils are o’er
You will clasp your hands in mine once more
Or should thou hear no more of me
Or hear that the road killed me
Will not a pang thy heart depress
And a tear in thy sweet eyelids shine
For him whose latest thoughts your heart didst dwell.

------Inez Anigbogu

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