Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Feminine Style // Getting High on Lavender

ways to wear and match lavender lace top
local shop bought lavender lace blouse | c/o Zaful shoes | Won Hundred jeans 
zaful sawtooth shoes heels
Take your blinders off and embrace the beauty of lavender; purple’s younger cousin. Ladies, when lavender blooms it helps ease your anxieties about whether purple can go with red or if purple and grey go together because lavender sure does go with red and grey and even blue and pink as demonstrated by this color contrast tasseled heelsI’ve paired this peek-a-boo lavender lace blouse with a light wash high waist jeans and soothed the boxiness of the denim and blouse with feminine details such as the belt and heels.
I took the blouse to lavender town, for this second look; pairing it with lavender and grey accent floral skirt and you can see there's nothing scary about lavender town nor sickly sweet as I contrasted with hibiscus red 3D floral wrap around nude heels. Now, wrap this around your head: If these floral shoes are too dashing for you you could pair lavender with gold or silver shoes or white. Yes, white is good.
This lavender lace top has got me singing lavender blue dilly dilly. I’m loving purple hair btw; though I’m considering work appropriateness. Hmmmmm. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous look babe! That lavender color is absolutely stunning! <3

    XO Jessi,

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in this look girlie! Lavender is definitely YOUR color! <3

    XO Jessi,

  3. I'm loving your shoes! Both pairs are stunning. Epitome of shoe porn!



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