Saturday, July 29, 2017


My Birthday is approaching. I'm a last day of the year baby. 31st December! I usually don’t make wish lists for my Birthday, but this year has been all kinds of interesting and I’ve been dreaming about a lot of things, itching to see some of them actualized and hoping that some magic brings them to life when I open my eyes.
If dreams came true then I hope to see one or all of each of the following categories materialize……..
1.       Gadgets
A HP Pavilion Laptop.
A Samsung Galaxy J3.
A Mirror less Sony A6300.
2.       Travel Tour
I’m really thinking a 40 before 40 would be a wonderful experience. Forty countries before I’m 40 would certainly be a wowza!
3.       A Hamper
Not an ordinary regular hamper. That wouldn’t be a dream. A hamper containing jewelry made with real, non-simulated precious and/or semi-precious stones set in solid gold. And if it contains a collection from American Swiss I just might need a kiss to wake me up. J Now, it wouldn’t be a hamper without an assortment of goodies such as kinky textured crotchet extension….gotta do a Janelle Monae someday, Braided lace wig , The Nubian eye shadow palette by Juvia’s Place, Cantu hair products, lipsticks by BlackUp and Charlotte Tilbury, Black Opal true color stick foundation, perfumes by DKNY and Carolina Herrera, an outfit from Jewel by Lisa, my favourite Nigerian designer brand I shamelessly stalk on Instagram, a Zashadu bag, lingerie, African art and mini sculptures, books to facilitate mindful living, tickets to a pamper session for a mani, pedi, full body massage, sauna, beauty makeover…..all the works! Damn, my body needs some petting. Tickets to a creative class...maybe drawing, cooking, singing, sculpting, pole dancing....Now, would a hamper be complete without wine and chocolate and cookies.
4.       Subscriptions
It drives me nuts running around looking for products, with half the market filled with products containing mineral oil and parabens. I came to appreciate the ease of getting ‘healthy’ products, without the stress of going through the ingredients list and possibly missing an ‘unhealthy’ item, when I had a brief unsponsored subscription to Look Fantastic Beauty Box.
My dream would be a One-year subscription to US-based Glossy Box Beauty Box Subscription. And what is a subscription wish list without one on fashion, hence I dream too of a one year subscription to Glamour Magazine, preferably the South African Editions.
5.       A Blog Makeover
Last, but certainly not least. I’m just too what-the-heck-have-i-been-doing-in-this-department? Magical domain name change and blog redesign would be blog heaven for me right now.

PS: A set of travel luggage to arrange ll these items would be well appreciated. ;-)

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