True, as the author wrote in the chapter, Liberating the Closet, of the book,  A Woman's Guide to a Simpler Life by Andrea Van Steenhouse, PH.D. with Doris A. Fuller, which I began reading here, every woman’s wardrobe is made up of all manner of styles: Leopard print, Wax print, Classic stripe and polka dot print, Peplum styles, Mermaid styles etc, in varied sizes, colors, lengths and functions. Outdoorsy women usually have varied styles of outfit suitable for weddings, shows, parties, concerts, business, work, sports and other aspects of their extroversion.
  Me, my lifestyle has two major categories: work and church. There are a few outings in between those two and then its couch potato time. 
source: Uncyclopedia
The clothing sizes in my wardrobe range from small to large because I like to purchase oversize shirts just because.
I would attend my wardrobe with some trepidation because the years of clutter was overwhelming. I believe every woman who has lived past teenage age has an overwhelming wardrobe. It makes me wonder how celebrities cope with their walk-in closets. Maybe why things like repetition of same outfits by celebrities to glam events happen. Hmmmm. When we are overwhelmed we tend to reach for what is easy. What has been tested and approved.
After I dumped out my wardrobe, which I told you about here, I feel liberated and a lot more organized. Just like the author found another home for her cleansed items I believe mine did too.

The first step to a successful wardrobe cleanse is to answer the questions: why should the items go? Where should the items we have worn only once go? Where should the items that never got its price tag removed go? Where should the lovely but inappropriate gift item go? Where should that sentimental piece we’ve held onto for years finally go? And what should we do with the well-worn pieces?
There are five places I believe they should go
1.      To a Charity
2.    To a Consignment Store
3.    To Loved ones
4.    To a Recycle Company
5.     To your Home Store
Let’s talk more on what each of these places mean in another post shall we? Until then……..

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